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January 26, 2020

Six Hints to Help You Save Your Shelter from the Storm
Damage from extreme weather can be felt all across the country-but you can help protect your home and family. ... More >>

Home Improvements For Safety
The Eldercare locator connects older adults and caregivers. ... More >>

Both Men And Women Resolve To Tackle Disorganization In 2020; Women Report Feeling More Stressed By Its Effects
Many view the fresh start implied by a new year as the time to finally tackle the disorganization in their lives?at home and on the job. ... More >>

Last Minute Gift Ideas From The Grocery Store
You can pick up stocking stuffers for the Foodie or Home Chef in your life at the grocery store while you're picking up ingredients for your holiday meal. ... More >>

Home Fire Risks Increase As Weather Cools
You may keep the home fires from burning if you take proper precautions at your house?and volunteer to help others. ... More >>

Tips To Go Green, Save Green And Stay Toasty This Winter
Select a home heating solution that is Earth- and financially friendly. ... More >>

Brick Homes Fight Fires The Longest
Choosing brick home exteriors is a good way to protect your home and family from fire. ... More >>

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal
Get started on home maintenance projects. ... More >>

Five Ways To A Better Move
Stay connected to what matters most. ... More >>

Houseplants Are Hot For Today's Home
Green and growing house plants can liven up your home d?r. ... More >>

Be The Coolest, Most Energy-Efficient Home On The Block This Summer
Smart home climate control technologies and advanced air-conditioning systems can mean maximum energy efficiency and comfort. ... More >>

Breathing Lessons For Your Home
Your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is the lungs of your home. ... More >>

Make Tidying Your House Easier
Easy ways to keep your home in order. ... More >>

When Storm Season Approaches, Ready Your Outdoor Power Equipment
Useful tips to help you stay safe and recover faster from a storm. ... More >>

Beat The Heat And The High Energy Bills
Save energy, save money and protect the climate. ... More >>

Honor All The Moms In Your Life
Think about the women who have supported, nurtured and encouraged you, and show them how much they mean to you. ... More >>

Great Grass Ideas
For a lawn that turns the neighbors green with envy, heed these grass care hints. ... More >>

How to Be Safe from Fires
Help sound the alarm to save lives. ... More >>

Why And How To Be In The Pink
The top floral gifting company named the hot pink rose Flower of the Year. ... More >>

Four Tips To Help You Perk Up Your Kitchen
Save time, trouble and money while improving the most-used room in the house. ... More >>

Neutral Beauty A Top Trend
When it comes to kitchens, neutrals win the game. ... More >>

Six Smart Moves When Hiring Movers
Knowing what to ask and expect of your moving company can help make moving a lot easier. ... More >>

Lawn Equipment: Keep Safety In Mind
When spring is on its way, home owners are often eager to get outside and spruce up their yards. It's important when doing so to keep safety in mind. ... More >>

Spring (Duct) Cleaning
Get your HVAC system and air ducts professionally cleaned to keep your home fresh. ... More >>

Tips To Avoid A Multigenerational Home Energy Crisis
The latest, most efficient climate control systems and technologies can protect your home energy budget. ... More >>

Save Energy And Money
Don't let window replacement become a "pane" in your wallet. ... More >>

Tips For Easy Snow Removal
Make snow removal as easy as possible. ... More >>

Top Roofing Trends
While replacing your roof can be expensive, it may pay to know more about increasingly popular stone-coated metal. ... More >>

How To Wow The One Who Wows You
Show your love, and grow your love, with a beautiful bunch of flowers. ... More >>

Overcoming Life's Messes
You don't have to live with clutter and chaos. ... More >>

Roofing Solutions To Environmental Concerns
Roofing granules offer a variety of solutions to environmental issues found in urban areas. ... More >>

New Shingles Protect The Curb Appeal Of Homes
Special shingles can help eliminate black streaks caused by algae. ... More >>

Start Breathing Clean
A new year, whether the one on the calendar or a more personal milestone, is a good time to give your health and well-being a new start, too. ... More >>

Snow Thrower Usage: Questions To Help You Keep Safety In Mind
Clearing driveways, sidewalks and parking lots of snow is no small job but home and business owners can keep safety in mind. ... More >>

7 Questions To Ask Around Winterizing Outdoor Power Equipment
Ask yourself seven questions. ... More >>

Hints For Keeping Your Friends Happy
Picking just the right presents for your friends can be easy. ... More >>

Upgrade Attic Insulation To Save On Energy Expenses
One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable. ... More >>

Upgrade Attic Insulation To Save On Energy Expenses
One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable. ... More >>

It Doesn't Have To Cost 6 Percent To Sell A Home
It doesn't have to cost 6 percent to sell your home. New startup aims to make selling a home cheaper nationwide by empowering agents, instead of replacing them. ... More >>

Prep-Your-Place Pointers
The most affordable time for home repair projects. ... More >>

How To Prevent A Multigenerational Home Thermostat War
Promote multigenerational home harmony with a smart climate control system. ... More >>

Get Ready For A Smart Home Three Ways
If you've been thinking about making your house a Smart Home, three tech trends are worth considering. ... More >>

Be Smart About Your Kitchen Sink
Four hints to help you select the correct sink for you. ... More >>

Bring Home Some Wild Beauty
Farm-fresh blooms naturally arranged in designs that are untamed, outspoken, and with a fresh point of view couldn't be more au courant. ... More >>

There's A Lot More To A Mortgage Than Just Your Interest Rate
A look beyond mortgage interest rates to help have the lowest possible costs. ... More >>

Storms And Flooding Require A Fast, Effective Mold And Odor Solution
The CDC and FEMA both advise treating flooded structures as soon as possible to help prevent mold development. ... More >>

Healthy Air, Healthy Home
To help keep your family "Breathing Clean," get your HVAC system cleaned. ... More >>

Be Savvy About Succulents
Easy to care for, long lasting and more popular than ever, succulents are the plants that people are buying for themselves and giving as gifts to bring the beauty of nature inside. ... More >>

How To Combat Four Pet Peeves Around The House
If your family is like most, there are a few things about your home lighting and connectivity that really annoy you but ingenious solutions are available. ... More >>

Life Is Loud-But You Can Still Enjoy A Quiet Home
Protect yourself and your family. ... More >>

The Time Is Now To End Family Fire
To protect your loved ones from "Family Fire," keep any guns unloaded and securely locked up. ... More >>

Beware 'Blow-and-go' Scams
Knowing the right questions to ask can help keep you from getting duped about duct cleaning. Protect yourself six ways. ... More >>

Moving? This Is Why You Need To Get Your Next Mattress Online
If you're one of the 35 million Americans moving this year?and even if you're not?consider replacing your old mattress with an easy direct-to-consumer online brand. Here's why. ... More >>

Moving? This Is Why You Need To Get Your Next Mattress Online
If you're one of the 35 million Americans moving this year?and even if you're not?consider replacing your old mattress with an easy direct-to-consumer online brand. Here's why. ... More >>

Remodel Unused Living Space To Maximize Your Home's Potential
A home remodeling project may be a good idea for you. ... More >>

Raising The Bar And Wine Cellar To New Heights
A great place to unwind with friends can be your own home bar or wine cellar. ... More >>

Owning A Vacation Home Is More Affordable Than Many Realize
When you're not on vacation, your second home can be at work, too, earning money as a rental. ... More >>

Five Ways To A Better Move
The next time you're among the estimated 40 million Americans a year who move into a new home, heeding these five hints can help you stress less. ... More >>

Backyard Maintenance Tips For Summer
A few simple steps can help keep your backyard looking good. ... More >>

You Can Breathe Easier
How to get cleaner indoor air?at home and at work. ... More >>

Hints To Help You Have More Comfort At Less Cost
When the temperature's rising, your energy costs don't have to. ... More >>

What You Need To Know About Your Ductwork
Your health and your wealth. ... More >>

Hidden Hero: Outdoor Power Equipment Can Make You Very Popular
Outdoor power equipment keeps life humming, prepares family yards to be useful and play worthy and keeps homeowner associations happy. ... More >>

To Grow Happiness, Scientists Say, Send Flowers
Whatever reason people enjoy flowers, you can make the experience even better. Here's how. ... More >>

Twenty Ways To Cook Up Some Safety At Home
Hints from health and safety experts. ... More >>

Make Your Home A Safe Haven
What to consider when remodeling. ... More >>

Lifesaving Ideas Rewarded
If you or someone you care about is among the approximately 47 million Americans over 65?or hopes to be someday?there could be good news for you. ... More >>

It's Good To Be Prepared For Bad Weather
It's important for home and business owners to take the necessary steps ahead of the storm warnings. ... More >>

Home-Brewed Coffee That's As Good As It Gets
Brew cafe-quality coffee at home without spending hundreds on a machine or wasting half the coffee. ... More >>

Sound The Alarm: Help Save Lives
Help prevent home fire deaths and injuries. ... More >>

Fire Prevention Tips And Technology
They're just small, plastic boxes?but they could save your life. ... More >>

Tips To Help You Live Green And Save Green
Many homeowners consider eco friendliness when home product shopping and airconditioning systems are no exception. ... More >>

Hawaiian Plants For Good Health
Beautiful houseplants from Hawaii are not only easy on the eye, they can be good for your health. ... More >>

Protect Your House From Fire
To ensure your home and family are protected, evaluate the different fire-safety measures in place around your house. ... More >>

What To Do About Ducts
If your home is like most, it's got a dirty little secret. ... More >>

How To Avoid Electrical Fires
Here's news that may spark your interest. ... More >>

How To Keep Home Fires From Burning
Keep your home safe. ... More >>

Five Reasons To Choose Fiber Cement Siding Over Wood-Based Siding
For homeowners wanting a fresh look, there's one project that can give their home a whole new appearance while adding value at the same time: re-siding. ... More >>

Shopping For Yard Equipment: Things To Know
With the right equipment, you can make the grass greener on your side of the fence. ... More >>

Four Winter Home Projects
Give your home a pick-me-up. ... More >>

Seven Smart Steps To Great Giving
Heeding a few hints can help you look like a blooming genius when sending Valentine's Day flowers. ... More >>

News You Can Use For The Household Well Owner
Well owners can tap into a stream of helpful advice. ... More >>

Hot Tips To Help You Avoid Home Heating Fires
Help protect your home and family. ... More >>

Bomb Cyclone Preparedness: Four Easy Steps To Help Prevent Water-Pipe Damage
Tips to help you avoid frozen water pipes. ... More >>

The Flower Of The Year Is Here: The Purple Rose
The purple rose is Flower of the Year for 2018. ... More >>

When It's Time To Replace Your Water Heater
Your house could give you more comfort at less cost if your water heater were upgraded. ... More >>

Stay Powered Up All Winter Long
Emergency backup power helps homeowners be prepared for whatever the weather has in store. ... More >>

"Water" Your Resolutions for 2018?
Taking the "I'm for water" pledge can help you save water, energy and money. ... More >>

Let's Talk About Sympathy
Helpful tips on how to approach someone who is grieving. ... More >>

#PoweringGood: Power Equipment Helps People Give Back
Outdoor power equipment powers good in many ways. ... More >>

Five Hacks To Help You Have Happier Holidays
You can get the best out of "the most wonderful time of the year." ... More >>

Planning Your Water Well
Enjoy an adequate supply of good-quality water. ... More >>

Give Her A Present With A Future
Save time and money when you present the girls in your life with something they can enjoy all year round. ... More >>

Pets And People
'Bone Up' On Wise Winter Weather Practices For Your Pet ... More >>

Well System Parts Vital For Good Water Quality
The parts of a well system protect water from contaminants that are harmful to health or adversely affect the water's appearance, taste or odor. ... More >>

Unexpected Ways to Support Pollinators
Anyone with enthusiasm and a potted plant can provide bees with the food and habitat they need. ... More >>

Homeowners Want Elegant Electric Upgrades
Stylish lighting and power controls can easily enhance a home's design and functionality. ... More >>

HOT Trends For GREEN Living
As homeowners consider ways to "live green," many may be surprised to learn the effect home heating has on achieving optimal energy and cost efficiency. ... More >>

Property Owners Can Protect Their Homes From Hurricane Damage
Floridians can create a storm-resistant home with no up-front costs. ... More >>

Shock Chlorination Of Water Wells: What You Need To Know
Shocking facts about disinfecting a well. ... More >>

This Halloween, Have A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve
Get into the spirit of the season. ... More >>

A Smart Thermostat Can Be A Smart Investment
Cut costs and increase comfort at home. ... More >>

How To Keep The People And Things You Care For Safe At Home
A smart security system can bring you peace of mind. ... More >>

Small Is Big In Home Design
Increasingly, families are making the most of small living spaces. ... More >>

Do This Fall Yard Work And Reap Springtime Benefits
What you do in autumn determines the quality of your yard in spring. ... More >>

Clearing Away The Clouds Of Turbidity
Cloudy well water can be cause for concern. Testing can help. ... More >>

How To Be Prepared With A Backup Power Plan
Understanding backup power supply options can be critical to surviving a blackout. ... More >>

Prep Your Home For Fall
Hints to help you save money, time and space. ... More >>

Cancel Out Noise By Soundproofing Your House
You don't have to put up with a noisy house if you follow six steps. ... More >>

Three Simple Tips
Tips to update your approach. ... More >>

Steps Well Owners Can Take During Drought
Even during a drought, there are ways to keep your well from running dry. ... More >>

All Of The Fun, None Of The Calories
There's a beautiful alternative to calorie-laden birthday cakes. ... More >>

The Right Contractor: Key To Successful Paving Project
Improve your family's quality of life now and enhance your home's curb appeal. ... More >>

Academic Success Could Involve Music To Your Ears
Children who learn music do better in school. ... More >>

High Tech Gives Atlanta Area Homeowners A Hand
Good news for millennial first-time home buyers, growing families and empty nesters. ... More >>

Four Easy Home Maintenance Tips
Four tasks can give your home and yard a pick-me-up. ... More >>

Let's Talk About Sympathy
Helpful tips on how to approach someone who is grieving. ... More >>

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