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12/19/2013 10:14:00 AM
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■ For those of you who missed the Gesme Family Singers' rendition of The Lutefisk Song, as written and performed by local legends, The Mel-O-Dons in the sixties, here it is from member Mel Johnson's book about the Mel-O-Dons.


Ya! I remember guud old Norvay,

It's the fishing season and the boats are coming in to da dock

filled with those smelly codfishes! But vait now, hare is vun

yust pu-uling in to da dock and da sailors vas yumping and

jelling like da dickens. Lets get closer and see vat dere so

gosh-darned yubilant about.


"Ya, ya, ve skal had, lutefisk og lefse, ya! Ya-hoo!"

Now, I'm going to tell a story 'bout a wery speshul dish,

How is come from guud ol Norvay and dey call it Lut-a-fisk.

Vel, first you catch a codfish and you soak it in some lye,

Now dey say dat lye iss poison, but you werry seldom die!

Guud ol lut-a-fisk, now dats my fav-rite dish,

You can have your pie and ice cream too, but I'll take lut-a-fisk!

It's da slip-ry, smelly, yiggely stuff, dey call it lut-a-fisk,

First, you butter it up, den salt it - whoops, it ate right tru da dish.

And your nose vill tell you vere its served, you eat at your own risk,

dis slip-ry, smelly, yiggely stuff, ya sure, its lut-a-fisk.

Good ol lut-a-fisk, it's yummy as can be,

You can have your steak and lamp chops too,

It's lut-a-fisk for me.

Now many jears ago dey used to sell dis lut-a-fisk dry,

And dey's stack it up outside da store

You know, about knee high

And maybe you have vundered too, how it got such fragrant airs,

Vel, I suppose it vas because da hydrants vas so scarce!

Guud ol lut-a-fisk, its stil my fav-rite dish,

It's da slip-ry, smelly, yiggely stuff, dey call it lut-a-fisk! Fee da! -Cal F.

■ As for that Norwegian Delicacy, I've baked it, microwaved it, done it in a crockpot, and boiled it in cheese cloth, but I always go back to just tossing it in some boiling water, setting the timer for 10 minutes and at about 9 1/2 minutes, when it looks done, I scoop it out and turn off the timer.-Cal F.

■ Very cool concert performed at the Cannon high school Monday night - what talented performers we have! Nerves got to a few, but that didn't affect any performances. I especially love watching the younger kids - no nervousness there! We have such a wonderful facility to have such concerts. I think back to my choir days, when we'd have to put risers and back drops in the high school gym. I'd say the acoustics are a bit better now! As I sat there last night, I couldn't help but wonder how much fun my late choir director Myron Johnson would have had with that type of facility.-Mike D.

■ Wow, the year is almost gone. We at the Beacon want to thank you for your involvement with our paper this year, and want to ensure you that in the new year we will continue to publish all the news about Cannon Falls we can find. And with that pledge, we will need readers to let us know about what you are doing. You can email us at beacon@cannonfalls.com or call us at 263-3991 with story ideas. Let's hope for a prosperous and healthy 2014! - Dick D.

■ The excitement of Christmas can be found at my house as our two elves on the shelf have been moving around on a daily and nightly basis. The tree is finally set up and with the arrival of Bumpa and Ma on Friday our family will be festively celebrating the holiday. I hope you all take time to enjoy the family and friends in your life on this Christmas of 2013.-Melissa R.

■ The Christmas story that took place right here in Cannon Falls -The Miracle of the Little Christmas Tree - is now on Youtube ("Miracle of the Little Christmas Tree by Rosie"). It teaches us to see the beauty and value in things we might pass by. So look for those special moments... maybe they are even miracles! (Also on www.paulrosie.com) May you have a blessed holiday!-Rosie S.

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