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11/21/2013 9:40:00 AM
View from the Valley

We are just coming off a visit from our 8 year granddaughter. What a privilage it was to spend time with her. She lives in Portland, Maine so we do not see her often. I felt so profoundly sad when we said goodbye at the airport that the ride home was very quiet. Missing her so much, I decided to break the silence of the ride by turning on the radio and to my delight Bea's music was still on   and I found myself laughing and crying. What a delightful gift to help assuage my sadness. It seems we all can say we have had our share of good byes . It seems I have had more than the usual. And without going into specifics it does not get any easier. I chatted with Bea the other day and my sadness disappeared. Hearing her voice was the balm I needed.



Deck the Falls is always one of my favorite times of the year. The town is tranformed into a winterscape with all the festooning and wreaths all around town. The activities are always so inviting and they seem to bring the town together. I still have this thing about the big box stores putting things out way too early. The various Toy Lands just creep me out. For two solid months children have nothing to do but naggingly beg for their favorite toys until the parents can stand it no longer and give in to their pleadings. I am so glad that this does not happen in our family circles. The gifts of homemade cookies and hand made crafts have taken over the  gift buying in our home. However, I too am getting ahead of the season by bystepping my favorite  holiday...... Thanksgiving. We live in a land of plenty and hopefully we share our wealth with those who have less. I wish all of you a blessed  turkey day. Keep the Roll Aids handy.



 I was told by my favorite wait person that she encountered a gentleman who handed her a laminated card. It stated that he was to be allowed to order from the kid's menu because he had gastric bypass surgery. She was stunned because she had never experienced this in all her waitressing years. Was this legitimate or not? He was dead serious and insisted that the card was issued by a physician. Have you heard  any such stories? Do all gastric bypass  individuals carry  these cards?


I want to send positive good wishes to four of my good friends who have been diagnosed with cancer in the last month. Cancer is such a dreaded diagnosis, but in today's health service so much can be done to heal the cancer patient. So I am praying for these dear ones every day just knowing that they will conquer the illness. God bless all of you in your individual  battles.


May I suggest two good reads. The first is titled Non Stop, A turbulant history of North West Airlines by Jack El Hai. There are many retired airline folk in Cannon Falls who would  relate to this publication. We got ours through Amazon for $29.95. The other book is titled Sycamore Row by John Grisham. I am on my last five pages and I hate to see it end.The novel involves the famous courthouse in Claton, Ford county. It is about a will left by a cancer patient giving all his wealth to his housekeeper and not to his children. Can you sense the resentment building up as the will is read? It is an exciting story of greed, jealousy, and hatred. Grisham always delivers in his books and this one is no exception.


So I leave you with wishes for a wonderful time of Thanksgiving as you gorge yourself on turkey, stuffing and pie. SHALOM.

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