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11/23/2012 11:32:00 AM
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■ By the time the paper is printed, I will have attended son #3's Wednesday night Muay Thai boxing match at Simon Arena, prepared the house for Thanksgiving and cooked 35 pounds of turkey for 17 guests at our house. The decorating is done and the linens freshly pressed. Then on Saturday, the Cannon Falls Deck the Falls celebration kicks off the holiday shopping frenzy and all that work getting ready for Thanksgiving gives way to Christmas decorating and preparation. My sewing list of "UnFinished Objects" that was to be completed by Dec. 1 has yet to be attacked with the vigor I had when I first prepared it on April 1 - guess the joke was on me! - Sue S.

n The Presidential election in the United States is over for four more years (or campaigning is just starting for 2016). My candidates and issues were all soundly defeated. I pouted for a couple of days only then realizing that the end of the world was not imminent. There was a Doris Day song my dad used to sing, "Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be, The future's not ours, to see, Que Sera, Sera." Mother Teresa is later quoted as saying, "We are called upon not to be successful, but to be faithful." Our nation remains truly blessed, and its residents enjoy a bounty unprecedented. Give Thanks and enjoy the day.- Sue S.

n Does everyone know that there is a UPS drop box outside of Mileage (formerly Rapp's Shortstop)? It sure is more convenient than having to go to the Apple Valley drop box. - Sue S.

n I am thankful for Luvy Rapp and Althoff's hardware. We'd been experiencing some issues with our refrigerator in the last month. I successfully fixed it the first time around but was unaware of the source of the problem. The issue returned about two weeks later. After contemplating our options (try and get it fixed or replaced), I decided to talk to Luvy about it. Caught him in the back parking lot of the hardware store and explained the problem we'd been having. I also mentioned that Jen just went grocery shopping on her lunch break so there would be a large influx of groceries being loaded into the fridge in a few hours. Without any other prodding, Luvy stated that he would go take a look as soon as he was done unloading something in the storage. A few hours later I received a call on my cell. Luvy found the problem. He switched out a part and defrosted the freezer (the secondary cause of the problem). He then noticed that the refrigerator door seemed to stick a bit. I thought, "That's right, the door had been difficult to close for some time." He went ahead and fixed that too! What a load off our minds! Thank You Luvy Rapp! Thank You Althoff's Hardware! - Greg H.

n This coming Saturday is Deck The Falls day in Cannon Falls. Saturday, Nov. 24 is also Small Business Saturday, a nationwide movement encouraging local shopping. Part of the market research for this event states if every shopper spent $50 once a month in a favorite small business, it would be enough to keep those businesses doors open. We have a good variety of small businesses here in Cannon Falls and we would certainly miss them if they weren't here. They pay local taxes, support local schools, donate to local causes and work hard to make good things easy to purchase. I know the big box stores have attractive prices, huge selection, and long hours that might be a better fit for our hectic schedules. What they don't have are local owners and friendly folks who enjoy helping you select your gifts. Big box stores don't contribute to local causes and care about concerns of the community. When possible this holiday season, shop with your friends in the Cannon Falls community. - Betsy F.

n Can't wait for the new library to open. It's been fun watching the progress, which seems to be moving along nicely. There are those still saying, "why do we need a new library?" There are tons of reasons, and those reasons will be displayed on the shelves of the facility, ready to share knowledge, ideas, entertainment, and escape. I know you can now read books on all kinds of electronic devices, but there is something about turning pages and holding a book, or newspaper, in your hands that just isn't there on IPads, tablets and computer screens. Keep reading books . . . paper and ink are magical! - Betsy F.

n I'm back at work, at least parttime. Using a walker, I can get around fairly well. It's been a rough ride, since my accident April 24. My feet and legs just don't work like they used to, and my balance is off kilter, but it's coming, slowly. I'll be seeing you around, more and more. - Dick D.

n It sure is nice to live in the urban wilderness, but it does have its consequences. A couple of week's ago, the Beacon ran an article about racoons with distemper. Well, last week the neighbor called and said they had one in the dog carrier and could I help them "relocate" it. The darn thing acted like it was drunk and showed no fear, but was not aggressive nor did it try to run away very far or fast. So they are out there folks, so be careful.-Cal F.

n While on the urban wilderness topic, I saw a golden eagle the other day fly up from behind Econo Foods and soar over beautiful downtown Cannon Falls.-Cal F.

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