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6/18/2014 2:48:00 PM
Science and war

To the editor:

Sun emits light. Gravity bends light. Light has mass. E=MC2.

Light from source moving away is red shifted. Moving toward is blue shifted. Viewed from equal opposite sides, one observer sees red. The other blue. Both can't be right so both are wrong.

So the universe is not expanding from a big bang after all.

My conclusion is the universe is a bi-directional mass, energy exchanger -- for which I claim credit.

It's a mathematical fact the source of motion vectors in an enclosed space is zero - and the time devised is also then zero. We live in relative time but the universe is timeless.

So what we see out there is probably a valid sample.

On our itsy-bitsy earth despite 50 billion your tax money, sectarian political fratricide is heating up. Good guys and bad guys hard to tell apart. Even God is confused.

Don't you sorta yearn for Saddam Hussein who kept things sort of orderly? But back then we had leaders who couldn't tell yellow cake from cow pies. Lots of dirty bib overalls still hid in pentagon file cabinet. Snowden missed.

Divorce of R and T is starting. That overall needs washing too.

Buying power of your saved buck is down another 10%, so if you survive on social security, tighten your belt.

Management is mostly overseas to avoid taxes. Bring back tariff and they'll come home.

Despite the hurly burly, Obama Care is waking up the health care bully. The Dow hovers close to 17,000. That's better than 7,000.

Empty jails with dog chip and GPS and CCC roads and parks.

Sentence all retirees from elective office to Social Security income and angels will dance on the head of a pin.


Robert E. Molenaar

P.S. I'm an optimist and smile at strangers. So kind and gentle it kind of hurts (smile). (shy, self-deprecating besides) ((two smiles)).

P.P.S.S. Where's a smarty pants to pick up I had Copernicus in the wrong country. He lived in Poland in the 1600s. Girls there are no different than in Italy. But the picnic water was Vistula River or maybe Baltic. He was probably first to speculate earth orbits sun.

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