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4/17/2014 11:07:00 AM
The past in future

To the Editor:

Here's how it works, you get 1.5 million to run for governor. You give back the state retirement fund to manage. Then you get back a retirement tip or son gets college tuition prepaid. (Maybe I tie up bridge again just for the fun of it.)

When Ukraine and Crimea example, maybe Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico get secede itch to rejoin Mexico (from which we took by war).

Then we'll need to build a new fence for drone loads of cocaine to fly over. Maybe vendor right at new stadium comes up for sale and everybody mellow.

War or not the poppy crop is bumper.

U.S. north of Mason Dixon types could secede to Canada. Where legal drugs for sick folks are cheap as chicken feed. Just think, Obama Care would show profit out of the gate. Then healthy taxpayer young types you have to kill with a stick would stand in line to get "just in case" coverage for the kids.

With left over money we could build new nuke silo in Nevada next to casino and slots handy when military shuts up shop at 5 o'clock p.m.

Just let Archer Daniels Ukraine wheat barter for Russian oil and gas - which is what the fuss is about.

Back to basics "lost dog chip and GPS" and empty jails.

Intermarry homosapians until all babies come with zebra stripes. (Smile)

And be happy until world ends in ice or fire.


Robert Eugene Molenaar, M.D.

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