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1/2/2014 10:44:00 AM

To the editor:

I find it puzzling when people write the Beacon to dismiss beliefs of "other Catholics," rationalizing they just aren't "Catholic enough." When I note that 60% of Catholics support gay marriage, some claim I am deceitful (last year, "Catholic's opinions on homosexuality are manipulated to support the conclusion") or bogus (last week, "bogus because they always include cafeteria Catholics").

Because 68% of Catholics agree with the Pope that the Church has been too obsessed with abortion, contraception, and homosexuality, Greg Magnuson concluded, "It appears that only 32 percent of the people who say they are Catholic are." Alas, even if one did strain to conform to the peculiarities of Catholic doctrine, fallible and partisan men will still judge as "not Catholic."

Sometimes, more "creative" persuasion is employed. Last week, Ray LoPresto claimed "In September, the pope..." and then proceeded with 197 quoted words defending particular activities... such activities that substantially represent the work of Ray LoPresto in this newspaper - the prioritizing and politicking of abortion and homosexuality. But LoPresto's image is part illusion... the words quoted by LoPresto... 96% of them... were not by a pope at all... and 96% of them were from 3 years ago, not 3 months ago.

It is true that Cardinal Bergoglio echoed Church rhetoric. And indeed, it may be true that Pope Francis is no more inspired than Cardinal Bergoglio was... but LoPresto's version is not authentic. Today, after 3 years of reflection, and as a man now with a god at his ear, perhaps the message is no longer constructed by fear or bungled by middle-men... or perhaps the message has simply changed.

After all, 3 years may be long enough for people and cardinals and gods to change. Three years ago, same sex marriage was legal in zero states. But today, legalization is supported by a majority of Americans (and, yes, by 60% of Catholics - Gallup, July 2013)... and today, same-sex marriage is legal in 18 states. And spurious crying of deceit, cafeteria Catholics, or misrepresenting quotes from yester-year... do not disrepute such change.

Ken Kressin

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