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6/6/2013 2:22:00 PM

To the editor:

I see the continued political and Catholic apologetics from Ray LoPresto are increasing in both frequency and absurdity - becoming a marriage of conservative dogma and a defense of certain discounted Catholic ethics and conclusions. And like a Catholic wedding, an annulment of this Republican/Church marriage seems unlikely, despite the obvious abuse and harm to each partner.

The condemnation of this unholy union have been noted... consider, for example, that 92% of the voters surrounding Carleton College and St. Olaf recently rejected the proposition banning gay marriage - the product of this lustful union rejected by 92% of educated youth, future voters, and future leaders.

Yet... we see continued denial, continued church/state politicking, and continued harm. Consider Ray LoPresto touting Catechism to stoke an increasingly conservative orthodox Catholicism and repeatedly touting the offensive and harmful Catechism homosexual description of "deviant sexual behavior that is patently disordered." Contrast, for example, last week Pope Francis attempting to treat a religious exclusivity-virus by announcing that "even the atheists" are redeemed. But alas, the good Pope was immediately "clarified" by Vatican authority thumping the Catechism to declare that, nope... good atheists still go to hell.

Last week, LoPresto turned to "natural law" to defend discrimination of both gays and women - rhetoric embarrassing (and alarming) to a thinking person. If you accept both what LoPresto claims nature is... and that what nature "is" should be what we "ought" to do... then logic would say that if "sex is only for procreation" (to the certain consternation of almost all)... then I suppose we should also reject birth control (yes, birth control is still rejected by the Catechism... and this, itself, soundly rejected by a vast majority of Catholics). Should we be consistent and accept a notion that the typical physically stronger and more aggressive male legitimizes the subjugation of women?

I expected such debris from the Catechism would settle until someday discreetly purged - but weekly political and theological stirring by the likes of LoPresto and the Vatican bring such moral debris back to the surface.

Ken Kressin

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