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3/22/2013 10:53:00 AM
Geology to politics to poetry

To the editor:

Fifty years ago when I came to Cannon Falls, I had a patient who survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. In fact, he met his wife there in the post-quake turmoil.

That and the recent tsunami in Japan are aftermath to an asteroid strike that hit earth and split the original single continent Pangaea into its present continental parts. Sunlight could not penetrate the atmospheric debris and triggered the death of dinosaurs.

Present continents float like scum on earth's dense molten core. Tectonic plates bump into each other, submerge seacoasts and poke up mountains.

Even worse than the recent tsunami event in Japan or the San Francisco event, was the November 1775 quake in Lisbon, Portugal. That killed some 60,000 people. It was attributed to the Wrath of God, so a coterie of heretics were gathered up and hung to appease a deity and for political reasons. Now we know an asteroid strike was the real cause.

E=AC2, so energy of sunlight has mass. Gravity is proportionate to mass. When insufficient sunlight is not reflected into space, you get both increased mass and increased gravitation (and asteroids cuddle closer). That makes the T half of T-R responsible for whatever happens.

Maybe those tough bugs surviving under glaciers in the Antarctic fresh water lake are the "Meek" who will inherit the earth.

Meanwhile corporate entities continue to suck your tax dollars. Wake up Tea bibers. It ain't roses that you smell. It's political diapers.


Robert Eugene Molenaar, M.D.

P.S. Before "Custom Alarm" technology, primitive people carved guard figures to protect the premises. I have one, and wrote a poem how they work. Here's how:


We are the spirits floating in the air

You cannot see us. We are unaware,

Until a poet finds us in a poem

Or sculpture in a polished stone

Reveals us to your eyes

To guard you then from all attack

To hold the vapors of the nighttime back

When witches walk, and beasts grow bold

And walls grow thin and fires cold.

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