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1/30/2013 7:46:00 PM

To the editor:

I'd like to offer a rebuttal to Pastor Shaw's criticism of Mr. Kressin, primarily because of this, "biblical worldview." I can deduce its meaning and I find the term frightening as it sounds suspiciously fascist and an attempt to garner greater outrage from the Christian community.

"Good" and "evil" don't exist; those are things people invented. Let's imagine the world described in the Bible. Back when this Jesus walked the earth the aqueduct was an exclusive innovation, to say nothing of agricultural difficulties around the world.

Let's try to imagine what the world would be like today if people killed indiscriminately and took what they desired. How would society thrive? What kind of communities would form under that kind of environment? What kind of emotional gaps would exist between the oppressed and the oppressors? Could love exist? Could information be shared with killers running wild? Could we order pizza delivery from Dudley's? In this string of thought, it is fair to infer that there is no net advantage to allowing this behavior.

The logical way for a sentient species to prosper is law. That is the only way you get away from that primitive behavior and create an opportunity for creatures capable of science to thrive. Without it, there is no way of defining what traits prevent growth and what progress them. Something does want us to create, our inquisitive and intuitive nature.

I don't agree with the assumptions made about good or evil but it's not borrowing anything from some Christian world order. It's an extremely logical progression that belongs to everyone and attempting to make it exclusive to any one group does little more than encourage bias, bigotry and harms innovation. I know I'm special enough; I don't need faith to know how amazing it is that I'm alive. I'm more impressed with what I can do with my life for my child and the great great great grandchildren I'll never meet than worrying about when I'm ashes in the wind. I got to that on my own.

Jim Harris

Former Cannon Falls HS student

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