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10/11/2012 9:05:00 PM
War caused deficit

To the editor:

I watched the debate with bated boredom.

Root cause of deficit is ten years of war.

Suppose a ten-year drought and you keep borrowing from the bank to do spring planting. When war broke the tax crop of USA, it made us a debtor nation. Both war and globalization produced a flight of capital. Then the local economic cropland didn't get fertilized. Jobs shrank, consumption shrank, untaxing the rich shrank the tax crop of government.

Bank bailout with printing press money shrank the buying power of saved-up dollars. That shrank the consuming power of middle class into just getting by. Those "47%" working pay check-to-paycheck bought Goodwill recycled clothes and ate food stamps for breakfast. My personal 401K shrank 50% under Bush, recovered to 90% under Obama; but inflation still makes the buy power of 90% a whole lot less - SO -

The buy power of social security goes south, but you winter here at home.

The pool of kids with lifetime loans for college gets bigger because our billfolds are smaller. We're under-investing in brains.

Tea drinkers don't have a clue. They're just a collection plate sponge squeezed by con artist Karl Rove. Lucky if 10% gets by his sticky hands. Better odds at local casino.

Actually USA overseas corporations are getting a bit tired of doing currency value flip flops twice a day. A pinch of snuff tariff, and they'll come back to home cooking.

Re-elect Obama and hope God cleans house at Supreme Court, so they can tell a corporation from a Norwegian with two legs; (and corporate super pac stop polluting the airway.) A pre-appointment certificate of sanity should be a prerequisite.


Robert Eugene Molenaar, M.D.

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