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5/1/2014 2:42:00 PM
Contracts renewed by CF school board

by Nora Bryson

The Cannon Falls School Board tended to contractual matters at their Monday night, April 28 meeting.

Josh Davisson's Business Manager contract was renewed for four years with a 4.25% increase and an educational training package.

Lori Hanson's Executive Assistant/HR contract was renewed for four years with a 5% increase to salary and allowances for "lots of training."

Jake Winchell's Community Education/Activities Director contract was renewed for two years allowing for an extra personal day and a 15% increase (although it does not come from the General Fund) but removes the stipend for activities.

Molly Strauss' Community Education Assistant contract was renewed for two years with her hourly rate increasing to $15.50

Head of Food Services contract was renewed for two years and was increased from $18.18 per hour to $19.08 per hour. The only other change was that groups utilizing food service for an event will pay her directly as opposed to running it through the district office.

Coordinator for Early Childhood and School Age Child Care agreed to a 2-year contract with no changes. The salary schedule will continue to run from $36,156 to $50,315 per year based on a combination of educational degree and years of experience. Contributions to health care insurance remain at $4,320 per year.

The Community Education Preschool Teachers renewed their agreement for two years with their pay schedule getting closer to the regular teacher's contract and ranging from $31,488 to $48,590 depending, again, on the combination of years and degrees. Their contract also allows for a $5,000 summer stipend. Winchell commented that while Preschool Teachers currently do not have to be licensed, it will probably become a requirement in the very near future.

Teacher Deanne Coleman explained the new teacher evaluation program. Mandated by recent state legislation, the program incorporates parts of the state model with input from district teachers. It is based on the 3-part, Charlotte/Danielson model (teacher practice, student engagement, and student learning and achievement) and will run in a 3-year rotation (peer observation, observation by a trained "reviewer," and observation by administrators). The peer observation is to be used for learning as opposed to evaluating.

The trained "reviewer" will come from outside the school's current working staff and is to function in the capacity of a "coach." Actual evaluation will take place the 3rd year. Then the cycle will start all over again. Coleman said the new program is very similar to what the district already had in place. The board approved implementing the new program.

After a short discussion over what needs to be on the list and what doesn't, the board approved the official list of 41 Cannon Falls Bombers Fundraisers allowed for 2014-15. According to Winchell, if the fundraiser is "coach-driven," it needs to be on the list. If the fundraiser is "parent-driven" (Booster Clubs), it does not. Another difference is that Booster Clubs do not, normally, allow the students to manage the money, whereas activity funds raised through and held by the school must be managed by the students.

One confusion is caused by the overlap in the Football raffle. The Booster Club holds the raffle license as schools are not allowed to promote gambling. Winchell admitted that the list is somewhat fluid, with fundraisers allowed to be added or discontinued during the year. But he noted that it allowed for better tracking and control than nothing at all. School Board Member Curt Beissel got the motion to a vote by asking, "Is everyone happy?" Winchell answer, "I think so."

The board approved the financial report. Davisson noted that this is the second year in a row the district did not have to go out for Aid Anticipation Bonding. The General Fund is $260,000 ahead of last year and the annual, $300,000 Invenergy payment will be added to that soon. On the down side, the Trust and Agency Fund is off by $7,000 due to the exceptionally low interest rate available.

The board officially set the summer meeting dates as: May 19, June 23, July 28, August 25, and September 22. The board only has one meeting per month, unless an emergency arises, from May through September.

As mandated by state law, the board passed its annual, "purely procedural," 6-0 roll-call resolution to remain members of the Minnesota State High School League.

Like track, cross country, and golf, the board voted to allow the district to enter into a "Cooperative Sponsorship" with Randolph for both girls and boys soccer for 2014-15. "We need the numbers," Winchell interjected.

Student Representative Ryan Foster updated the board on student activities and the quest for an "official" Bomber's logo. He said he had spoken with Winchell and High School Principal Tim Hodges as well as students and several people in the community. They all noted that individual sports teams in the district have each gravitated to their own favorite logo and that these should be allowed to remain intact. As such, the school might be better served by adopting a single, "official" crest. He suggested incorporating up to three words, descriptive of Cannon Falls' character, into the crest.

Foster had sketches available for viewing. He said he was working on having the student council whittle the options down to three so those could be put to a vote by the entire student body, but he noted the end of the year was approaching quickly and asked about a timeline. Brintnall praised Ryan for getting so much accomplished in such short notice, but told him not to worry if the process continued past graduation. Foster seemed unsure about returning for summer meetings as suggested in fun.

The next board meeting will be Monday, May 19 at 6 p.m. Agenda items currently include: approval of the Middle/High School handbooks, the fall head coaches, and the food service, secretaries, LPN, and Tech Assistants contracts, a presentation on targeted services, and an update on the school's logo.

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